Philanthropic Advisors
As the only American of Filipino ancestry to lead a community foundation in the United States, Bret has long articulated the case that diversity is not only enriching, but is one of our nation's greatest strengths.

Embracing diversity is not merely a moral cause, it is also a practical business reality that an organization ignores at its peril.   
The initial step for any organization is for its staff to recognize that the changing demographics of America will inevitably impact its operations.  Whether it be through interactive workshops, or as a guest speaker, Bret makes a strong moral and business case that the future of our communities, corporations and charities require us to consider how diversity influeces our work.

Recognizing the realities of diversity is necessary, but it is not sufficient for an organization is to thrive.  The ultimate goal is one of inclusion - recognizing, embracing and utilizing our diversity to unleash creativity and encourage innovation.  Our challenge is to leverage the richness of our diversity to create a better workplace and community for us all.

Bicoy Philanthropic Advisors draws upon the personal and professional experience of Bret and his colleagues to help you achieve a deeper understanding of the importance of diversity and incorporate inclusive practices into your work.
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