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One of the fundamental pillars of Bret's approach to development is helping to define a clear "Continuum of Engagement" for your donors.  You need to know how donors interact with your charity and develop a path on which they can grow in their support for your work.  The first step on the path is often the initial modest gift a donor makes - and ideally the path concludes with a sizeable legacy gift to your charity as a part of your donor's estate plan.
But have you clearly defined all the steps in between?  And does your every fundraising and development activity play a strategic role in advancing your donors along that path?

You can dramatically increase your ability to attract larger gifts by creating a clear Continuum of Engagement for your donors - then ensuring that your every activity helps advance them along that path.  This is just one of the ways that Bret and his colleagues at Bicoy Philanthropic Advisors can help you enhance your development efforts.

As a fundraiser, Bret has secured gifts ranging from a few hundred dollars to a few million.  As a grant writer he has successfully obtained support from both government and private foundations.  As a foundation president, he has reviewed countless proposals and knows what works (and what doesn't).  

Bret also has tremendous experience building strong relationships with attorneys and accountants by using his broad knowledge of planned giving techniques.  He has worked with generous families who have committed tens of millions of dollars in their estate plans to the charities he represented.  

Bicoy Philanthropic Advisors can offer counsel on your next capital or endowment campaign, offer a workshop for your board and volunteers, help you set up a planned giving program, provide training for your staff, or present the many planned giving options that are available to your donors.  The expertise of Bret and his colleagues can be customized to help your organization meet its development goals.